Friday, January 30, 2015

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What's the PneuDrive Challenge About?

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January 2015 - Local innovation at it's best. Changing the face of logistics.

Interesting interview with Christopher Sephton from the NMMU team who designed the TetraStack.

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12 January 2015 - PneuDrive Challenge 2014 winners announced.

The article contains a brief description of the top 3 teams.

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05 January 2015 - Engineering News posts online article

Engineering Students to Explore the Food and Beverage Industry in 2015

With the 2014 PneuDrive Challenge Engineering Design Competition having been concluded, SEW-EURODRIVE and Pneumax, co-sponsors of the competition, have announced that students will need to design a “Game Changer” for the food and beverage industry in 2015. DTI statistics for commodities associated with the food and beverage industry report that the industry was valued at more than R 132 billion in 2013.


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