Friday, February 27, 2015

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What's the PneuDrive Challenge About?


The aim of the PneuDrive Challenge, a competition which was set up in 2008, is to give the best mechanical, electronic and mechatronic engineering students a chance to use their talent to bring together engineering theory, the latest technology in drive engineering, pneumatics and business reality.

The sponsors of the competition, SEW-EURODRIVE and Pneumax recognise the importance of business in partnering with higher education institutions to help address the enormous pressures that they are under to prepare skilled engineering students for the labour market.

What's Up For Grabs?

The prize is an all expenses paid trip for four students and their lecturer to the Head Offices of SEW-EURODRIVE in Germany, and Pneumax in Italy.

The "winning university" also has an opportunity to order R 100,000 worth of SEW-EURODRIVE and Pneumax equipment.

Universities who submit final entries qualify for R 40,000 worth of free SEW-EURODRIVE and Pneumax equipment for their universities.

Competition Deadline: Thursday 08 October 2015 - 17:00

Telling the Story in 4 Minutes


Training Sponsor - SEW-EURODRIVE Drive Academy


SEW-EURODRIVE runs a nationwide geared motor and drive technology training programme known as Drive Academy®. Based on the same in-depth technical training syllabus used to educate SEW-EURODRIVE’s own engineers, Drive Academy® provides end users and system integrators with a comprehensive set of skills required to get the most out of applications.

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Recent News


 Feb 2015 - EE Publishers - Ultra-high throughput warehouse defragmentation system

The TetraStack automatic guided vehicle and racking matrix system, which was awarded second prize in the 2014 PneuDrive Challenge, allows for concurrent placement, retrieval and defragmentation of packages in warehousing facilities.

Where a package must be moved to facilitate sorting, retrieval or placement, it is always preferable to move it laterally. Movement in the horizontal plane requires far less energy than vertical movement since energy is only required to overcome the inertia of the object. Vertical movement requires energy to overcome both the object’s inertia and its weight.

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Feb 2015 - SA Instrumentation and Control - Online and printed article published: Engineering students to explore the food and beverage industry in 2015

Game changers needed
Food and beverage companies are under pressure worldwide. Small, medium and large businesses in this constantly changing and competitive industry face a myriad of essentially unpredictable challenges.

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Training Sponsor - Pneumax


In a rapidly changing industry environment, success depends on employees keeping up-to-date with advances in technology and methodologies, whilst also participating in relevant training. Pneumax offers accredited courses that engage interest and educate and in turn increases productivity. These courses are also beneficial in reducing costs associated with the incorrect usage of technologies and the damage of components. Their highly experienced technical team also provides on-site support - a valuable aspect to any organisation or institution.

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